21 amazing reasons to make love every day

21 amazing reasons to make love every day

Sex is a wild adventure, one that comes with blissful experiences and excellent benefits. So, let us talk about sex and the benefits that come with having regular sex. 

Everyone is aware that a good time in bed is an extremely satisfying way to bond with one’s significant other. But not all know that, apart from the overloads of fun, thrills, and fantasies, there also exist some extraordinary reasons why you should be making love every day.

Let’s go through the amazing and scientifically proven reasons why you should embrace the practice of having sex and making love daily.

  1. Libido improvement

A fact unknown to many people is that having sex just once increases your urge to want to have sex, the more. This is because lovemaking in itself is usually accompanied by the secretion of sex hormones like testosterone. The testosterone gives you a high libido and increases your sexual drive. 

  1. Lowers risk of heart attack

Apart from a healthy increase in heart rate, studies show that men who have sex at least twice a week are 50% less likely to die from heart disease compared to men you weren’t having sex at all. That means your chances of survival of chronic heart disease only gets better when you have more sex.

  1. Helps alleviate stress

We get stressed at work and at home. Stress comes up at any time. So, it comes in handy that regular sex promotes the release of endorphins and other mood-boosting hormones in the body. This hormone helps to calm the body nerves down and soothes the muscle.

  1. It Lessens menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are normal in women. Menstrual cramps come as pain, which makes them annoying. The contraction of the uterine wall causes them. Attaining a state of climax or having an orgasm during sex relaxes the uterus and aids the release of endorphins. This keeps you relaxed and makes you feel good all the same.

  1. Heightens brain function

Making love every day will not make you an Einstein overnight, but a 2016 study on 7000 adults, both male, and female, showed that those who had regular sex scored higher on memory and problem-solving tests. This should serve as  enough reason to indulge in daily sex 

  1.  It boosts immunity 

A substantial boost of the immune system is another of the add-ons that come with healthy sex life. People who make love every day have increased antibodies. Antibodies help the body to fight diseases and infection. Thus, keeping a healthy sexual habit promotes the secretion of antibodies, which in turn boosts your body to fight infectious diseases in a better way.

  1. Improves self-esteem and a general sense of well being

Making love every day promotes the daily feel-good hormones in your body. This hormone helps you feel better, more energetic, increase your confidence, improves your self-esteem, and a general sense of well-being.

  1. Improves female bladder control

Incontinence i.e., loss of bladder control, is common in older persons and pregnant women. This abnormality can be found in men too. Having regular sex works the same wonder as kegel exercises—the two aid the strengthening of the pelvic wall in women and men, thereby reducing this effect.

  1. Counts as a source of exercise

Regular lovemaking is a natural way of burning out tremendous calories of energy. Experts estimate that a 30minute sex session burns about 100 calories of energy. Since it takes about 3500 calories of energy to lose a pound, that means having sex 35 times can help you lose one pound. Yes, just like that. Can it get better than that?

  1. Bone density improvement

 This is especially important in older women. Making love happens to stimulate the release of estrogen, an essential hormone lacking in the body of older women. The presence of estrogen aids in fighting osteoporosis and increases bone density.

  1. Headache alleviation

Headaches and migraines are painful, but that is not enough to stop you from having the healthy sexual life you deserve. Neurologists have shown that adequacy of sex can partially or completely take care of headaches by the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers  

  1. It helps pregnant women feel better

 Making love is entirely safe for women with buns in the oven. This is because a regular and blissful sexual experience helps to improve the mood when one is feeling cranky or even induce and makes labor easier at a particular stage of pregnancy.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

Although not a substitute for your BP meds, it has been scientifically proven that sex gives a healthy dip in blood pressure. The hormone responsible for the reduction of blood pressure is oxytocin, and this is often released in large quantities after a long day under the sheets. 

  1.  Eliminates pain  

Who says making love isn’t a blissful adventure. Lovemaking regularly helps you to deal with pain better through the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are reported to be the body’s opioids, and they trigger the same cell receptors activated by powerful opioid drugs like morphine.

  1. Better sleep

 Nothing goes better after a steamy session under the sheets than quality sleep. You sleep so much better after sex because orgasms enhance the release of a hormone called prolactin, which makes you sleep a whole lot better. 

  1. Fights colds and the flu

Finally, a remedy for the common cold that doesn’t include the use of cold pills, sleeping all day, or hot soup. Research has shown that regular sex increases the production of immunoglobulin A(IGA), which offers protection against the flu and the common cold. Having sex also makes you sleep better and hastens the recovery process.

  1. Making love helps to battle anxiety

 Lovemaking can help people to battle anxiety. The release of the hormone oxytocin helps reduce cortisol levels in the body, thereby reducing stress. This helps to keep you fresher and more clear-headed. Besides, there is a special kind of joy that you feel after a good sex 

  1. Glowing skin

One of the excellent cosmetic benefits of regular lovemaking is irresistibly glowing skin. Sex increases blood circulation to the surface. It also increases the flow of oxygen, thereby making your skin appear brighter and much more gorgeous.

  1. Strengthens the bond between partners

 Apart from long walks on the beach or a night walk under the moonlight, having sex is one of the few ways to bond with your partner if not the best.

  1. Shorter periods

 Periods- how we wish they could last seconds instead of excruciating days. With regular lovemaking, your periods can be considerably shorter. Periods happen as the uterine wall suffers some level of contractions while trying to expel its content. Sex helps flush out the uterine contents, thereby shortening your regular period.

  1. Reduced risk of cancer

Researchers for years have shown that the more men ejaculate, the lesser their risk of developing prostate cancer. About 1 in 9 men are always diagnosed with prostate cancer at least once in their lives. This is, by far, an excellent reason to make love regularly.

Here are the amazing and mind-blowing reasons to make love every day. From stress relief, better sleep, and increased immunity, to protect against an attack by cancer, the benefits of regular sex cannot be overemphasized. Lovemaking comes with several physicals, physiological and biological benefits. You should explore sexual adventure the more. 

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