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15 supportive messages to make someone feel better

15 supportive messages to make someone feel better

We all live through ups and downs in life. Some projects at work may not turn out as good as you fought or your partner is not supporting you. We know how it feels. But we also know that there’s always a supportive message that you would read and that will change your perspective. 

We gathered 15 of the best encouraging quotes and ideas that would make everyone feel better. Some of them will work for trust issues, others for loneliness and a number of other negative feelings. Choose the one and think about its deep meaning during your hard times.

Also, if you know someone is struggling and would need a supportive message, use some of our ideas. Make sure you read them all and choose carefully.

1. Say how much you love them

There’s nothing more efficient on a person’s mood than knowing that he/she is loved. Don’t be afraid to say such words to your close friends, too. Try something like this: “You know how much I love you. I don’t like seeing you sad. If I love you than you should love yourself even more”.

2. You are valuable

You can do this by reminding every single moment of your life when your friend’s presence was crucial for you. When your friend will realize how much you need them and how important they are, they will instantly feel better.

3. Don’t forget about your goals

In dark moods, we all focus on the problems, instead of the possible outcome and feeling of success. Think about what has driven you so far: “C’mon, dear. You’ve worked so much to get to this point. The future is going to be brighter, trust me”.

4. You can say no

When things get too overwhelming this is the thought everyone should remember – there is always the possibility to back down, to refuse more duties, or another negative comment. And it’s not a shame to say “No. It’s enough.” when you cannot go anymore. Finish that chapter and begin a more beautiful one.

5. Forget about the money

Most of our sorrows begin with a financial problem and grows to be a self-confidence one. Everyone should know that material goods are so relative, especially during hard emotional times: “You are who you are independent of the figures from your bank account. Take more care of the health of your personality than the grown of a number. The former will always be with you”.

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6. You’re beautiful

We know it sounds puerile and too ordinary but you’d be surprised about the number of people who need to hear this. It’s that simple: “You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful when you smile and when you are thinking. You’re beautiful when you trust yourself”.

7. Take your strength from within

Even when you’re exhausted, there are some reservations of strength inside your mind and body. And you’re the only person that knows the code of that lock.

8. Attract positive energy

Tell me what are your thoughts on and I’ll tell you how you are going to feel soon. We always project our thoughts in the external world and we see events, people, and places with through the window of our mindset: “Think positive and positive things will happen to you”.

9. Forget about the others

When struggling with self-esteem issues, the best is to forget about others and focus on yourself. What others think about you is insignificant. Get away from people who can’t accept you the way you are. Sooner or later they will surely leave from your life anyway. So, there’s no reason why you should invest so much energy in what they did or sai

10. Self-validation comes from inside

No award, prize, or external recognition can equal the moment when you praise yourself for what you’ve achieved. After all, you’re the only one who knows the cost of that achievement and how much you’ve sacrificed for this. Therefore, appreciate yourself according to all those behind-the-scene details.


11. Don’t overthink!

This is something girls usually need to hear. Creating problems in your head for no reason can have a significant negative impact on how you feel and behave. Why getting worried about something that “could happen”, about “a possible” problem. Focus on the real problem data and work with them. Don’t only think about it.

12. It’s just a bad day

If your friend struggles with mood swings and they wake up some days thinking everything is ruined, you should remind them that “tomorrow is a day, too”. However, there are no “bad days” and “good days”. There is only a mindset you can change from inside. Bad things happen because we choose to see them as bad. 

13. You deserve this!

A lot of people get overwhelmed when good things happen to them as well. Their low self-confidence makes them question if they truly deserve that achievement or success. This can be utterly destructive. Remind yourself or your friend that everything pays off. And this is true not only with bad actions but also with the good ones. The ones who work and are persevering sooner or later receive what they deserve. The universe is master at striking this balance.

14. Go big or go home!

Our self-defense system will always try to tame those big thoughts we have and choose the ones who don’t seem so risky. But how much will you continue doing this? This won’t get you to the top. Gather all that courage you’ve been reserving inside and use it for something big. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, you’ll have, at least, the satisfaction that you’ve broken some of your useless internal rules. 

15. Happiness comes when you expect less

If you live waiting for your existence to turn into a happy one, you’ll die unhappy. Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of walking down the life road. Focus on what you have to do at the moment, on your goals, and on the good things happening to you.

Final thoughts on these supportive messages for you or your friends

As we’ve already mentioned, you are what you think. Read these messages on and on until you regain confidence in yourself and your actions. 

Don’t forget to send these to friends who need to hear that. These supportive messages will make everyone feel better.

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