12 Tips on How to Attract Just About Anything That You Like

12 Tips on How to Attract Just About Anything That You Like

There are laws that can put you behind bars if you break them. Some examples are criminal, intellectual property, labor, family, constitutional, and corporate laws.

However, one law exists that won’t lead to your incarceration if you fail to follow it, and that’s the law of attraction.

It’s perfectly fine if you do not follow it. However, you should be ready to live a miserable life, the kind that is lacking in or completely devoid of various things that you want to have. According to Alan Watts law of attraction is a real thing. As a matter of fact, a lot of ancient philosophies and religions accept it as a reality.

A British writer, speaker, and philosopher, Alan Watts made Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism accessible in the West. He moved to the United States back in 1938 and immediately jumped into Zen training in New York.

Thanks to Alan Watts, a lot of people in the Western world have become more in touch with their inner selves as well as spiritual aspects. He was also one of the most steadfast proponents of the law of attraction. As the name suggests, it’s all about what you need to do in order to attract the things that you want.

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Below you will learn about 12 of the tips on how to attract just about anything that you like to have. There are in fact so many ways to cause an attraction, but we will concentrate on the basics. Focus on each of the content of every tip below, and feel free to share this article later on so that your family and friends may also learn how to abide by the various laws of attraction the right way, thus allowing them to live the life of their dreams.

1. Have a Burning Desire

Nothing can make you attract what you want more than desiring it with all your heart. The more that you long for something, to the point that it excites and terrifies you at the same time, the higher the chance of it coming into your life. So go ahead and crave what you want like there’s no tomorrow!

2. Don’t Worry About How It Will Happen

When it comes to following the law of attraction Alan Watts never said anything about being logical in terms of how it’s going to happen. All you need to focus on is what you want to get, and not how you can get it. Allow the trail towards what you want to be revealed to you bit by bit as you get closer and closer to it.

3. Recite Powerful Affirmations

Put simply, affirmations are positive thoughts that you say over and over again, until such time that it already affects both your conscious mind and subconscious mind. Each time that you state affirmations, consider them as ultimate truths. It will also help a lot if you devote time to reciting them several times a day.

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Stress

Thanks to stress, you may have a difficult time stating affirmations with all your heart and soul. It’s because of this why you should consider engaging in stress-reducing activities, especially after the end of an exhausting day. Doing meditation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to lower your stress levels.

5. Recall Happy Childhood Memories

As just mentioned, having lots of stress can get in the way of you attracting what you want to have in life. To refresh your mind on how it feels like to have no problems and worries, relive some of your happiest childhood memories. Bask in the beauty of living a life that’s full of happiness, excitement, and childlike curiosity.

6. Learn How to Count Your Blessings

The various laws of attraction can work to your advantage if you show the universe that you are worthy of blessings and gifts. This is why you should remember to think about the things you have and be thankful for them, too. It can be as grand as having a nice car, or as simple as having eyes that let you appreciate www YouTube com videos.

7. Respect and Love Yourself

According to many law-of-attraction proponents such as Alan Watts, it’s important that you respect as well as love yourself if you want the things you want to come your way. You should prove that you are worthy to receive what you want. Disrespecting and hating yourself will only drive blessings away from you.

8. Try to Maintain a Happy Disposition

It’s perfectly understandable to feel unhappy if your life seems incomplete. While waiting for the things you desire the most to materialize, consider doing something that makes you happy on a daily basis. That’s the law — you need to have a smile on your face and feel inspired to attract effectively whatever it is that you wish to attract.

9. Improve Your Mind

You only need one thing to attract things, and it’s none other than your mind. This is the reason why Alan Watts’s law of attraction will work best if you have a powerful mind. No, you don’t have to develop all sorts of psychic powers. Experts agree that it’s enough that you engage in activities that help improve memory, reasoning, and imagination.

10. Focus on What’s Really Important

No proponent of the law of attraction, such as Alan Watts Alan Watts, ever said that you could attract a finite number of things. However, it’s a good idea to avoid attracting a hundred different things at the same time. Try to focus on one thing at a time only, preferably something that’s of utmost importance.

11. Give If You Want to Receive

Just like what they always say, it’s better to give than to receive. Believe it or not, the act of giving is revered by the universe, especially if you don’t expect anything in return. You don’t have to give away money or objects — sharing instructional videos on www YouTube com or volunteering for community service is enough.

12. Remember to Do Your Share, Too

Last but not least, don’t just leave everything to Alan Watts law of attraction teachings. To have what you want, you should also spring into action. Even simple acts such as reading self-help books and getting in touch with individuals who could provide a hand are enough to help facilitate your dreams.

As you can see, you don’t have to do a lot just to have what you want to have the most. Keep in mind the 12 simple things mentioned above, and in no time your life will be filled with happiness and satisfaction!

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