12 great reasons why you should often be naked

12 great reasons why you should often be naked

Most people aren’t comfortable walking around their homes, completely nude. To some, it is awkward.  Many others may be struggling with body image issues. A lot of people have just never thought about lounging around all day in their birthday suits.

There is a lot you stand to gain from letting your body free of those tight clothes, at least once in a good while. The benefits are vast and far-reaching. From better mental health to improved quality of sleep, and even better cardiovascular health.

Here are some great reasons why you should be naked more often:

1. You Sleep A Lot Better

Everybody knows it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest during hot summer nights. You spend all night tossing and turning, drifting in and out of what is supposed to be a fun-filled and ‘beauty sleep’. Studies have shown that the best body temperature for a good night’s sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sleeping naked on warm nights helps lower your body temperature to more comfortable levels. 

This enables you to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

benefits of being naked

2. You Fall Asleep Quicker

Many people have trouble falling asleep. It is a sleeping disorder known as “sleep onset” insomnia. Sometimes counting sheep and a warm glass of milk doesn’t cut it. One of the tricks used by people who have trouble falling asleep is sleeping naked. 

Sleeping naked lowers your body temperature and tells your body to slow down your metabolism. This helps you relax and fall asleep more quickly and easily.

3. It Boosts Your Self-Esteem

In the world of picture-perfect Instagram fitness models, a lot of people no longer feel beautiful in their bodies. Spending more time naked helps boost self-confidence in your appearance.

That is besides the fact that sleeping naked enables you to come to terms with the way you look and realize that you’re beautiful, warts included. 

Make it a habit to spend more time naked. It lets you admire the masterpiece that is you (but beware of the curse of Narcissus).

4. It Helps Strengthen Relationships

A lot of couples say that spending more time together naked is a relationship booster. It lets your partner know you trust them, and you’re comfortable being with them, even at your most vulnerable.

Couples who have more skin to skin contact produce higher levels of oxytocin. This is an important hormone that helps promote social bonding. Try spending more time together, snuggled up together without clothes. It may deepen your bond and strengthen your relationship.

5. It Improves Intimacy

Couples who spend more time together naked report increased understanding and communication.  They also said they spent more time between the sheets too.


Being naked together really adds spice to your sex life and rekindles that flame that you might have lost. As long as you’re both naked, you might as well get down to business. 

6. It Boosts Your Immune System

Most people don’t get enough sunlight these days. We spend a whole lot of time cooped up indoors at school, work, or home that we barely know what it feels like to have the sun graze your skin.

Besides being in dire need of a tan, you’ll also lack vitamin D, which helps our body fight against germs.

Being naked allows you to receive more sunlight, boost your vitamin D levels, and fall sick less often.

7. It May Help You Lose Weight

This sounds surprising, but being naked for long periods pushes your body to produce more brown adipose tissue. This helps keep you warm and regulate your body temperature.

Brown adipose tissue has a rather high metabolic rate and needs a lot of calories to function. By increasing your metabolism, you might end up dropping a few extra pounds along the way. If not for any other reasons, I am sure you like this.

8. Reduces Your Risk of Developing Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Reduced quantity and quality of sleep is linked to an increased risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

 If you want to stay healthy, you have to spend more time having deep, refreshing sleep. A way to escape from this is by sleeping with your clothes off. 

9. It Boosts Male Fertility

It’s a well-known fact that increased testicular temperature reduces male fertility.  Studies have shown that men who spend more time without clothes have higher sperm counts. 

Help out your little swimmers and spend more time in your birthday suit.

10. It Is Good for The Vagina

Wearing underwear all day produces an environment of warmth and moisture. These are the perfect conditions for yeast and bacteria to grow. 

It’s an excellent reproductive health practice to let your lady parts get some fresh air once in a while. Consider sleeping naked and even spend more time at home in the nude. Nobody wants to develop a nasty yeast infection.

11. Helps Deal with Stress and Anxiety

After the hustle and bustle of life, we all need to find a way to relax and let off some steam. Well, what more obvious way to achieve that than in the nude. 

Being naked more often causes a fall in the hormone cortisol. The body releases cortisol under stressful conditions. So being naked tells your body it’s time to kick it back, put your feet up and let your worries sink away.

12. It Makes You Look More Beautiful 

People who spend more time naked sleep better, are more relaxed, and are comfortable in their skin. They give off the aura of confidence, whether they are in their clothes or out of them. 

Almost everyone agrees that confidence is an attractive trait for both men and women. Awe people with your naked confidence, everyone knows a smile is the sexiest thing you can put on.

So shed those clothes, loosen up and feel the wind on your skin. Going nude helps your body and your mind. It’s a great way of boosting your confidence and purging yourself of negative energy and worries. Lose the clothes and find yourself.

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