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101 Ways to be Happy, Says Purpose Fairy

101 Ways to be Happy, Says Purpose Fairy

Purpose Fairy is a popular website. It’s all about various tips and tricks on personal development. You can check out its numerous posts by heading to www purposefairy com.

In the meantime, read on. Below are 101 ways to be happy, according to Purpose Fairy itself.

Well, they’re not all purpose fairy’s. We added our very own suggestions as we have wonderful ideas, too. We may not be certified experts when it comes to self-help and personal development, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

These are surprisingly easy, but they work nonetheless. If you have family and friends who seem to be having a hard time finding happiness, make sure that you repost this article after getting to number 101 so that they, too, may learn from the content of this article, and begin to live lives that are full of smiles.

1. Look in the mirror and smile. This is best done first thing in the morning.

2. Stretch for 10 to 15 minutes before stepping foot outside your bedroom.

3. Write nice things on the bathroom mirror with lipstick.

4. Take a quick shower before you start your day.

5. Identify all the things you have that others don’t, and be thankful for them.

6. Get in touch with a long lost friend. It doesn’t matter how.

7. Spend some time with your funniest friends.

8. Spend some time with your least funny friends, too. 

9. Laugh out loud. Laugh like you don’t care. Laugh until your belly aches. 

10.   Make someone laugh out loud. 

11.   Write time capsule letters to yourself and read them many years from now. 

12.   Other than yourself, write letters to your loved ones.

13.   Send them postcards, if you like.

14.   There’s a big world out there. Explore it. Check out unfamiliar places

15.   Buy a postcard from each place that you visit.

16.   Buy a refrigerator magnet at the local gift shop of each place that you explore.

17.   Use a traditional map, not a navigational app.

18.   Lay down on the grass or sand.

19.   Go barefoot in the garden or at the beach. 

20.   Place some indoor plants inside your home or office.

21.   Be a child. Play in the rain. Wear faerie wings. Eat cake with your hands.

22.   Talk to a child. Discuss Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

23.   Visit the carnival. Have some cotton candy. Buy a red balloon, too.

24.   Hand that red balloon to a child on your way home.

25.   Pay the local farmers’ market and shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.

26.   Have healthy foods that are good for the mind and body.

27.   Eating healthily is not enough. You should also exercise regularly.

28.   A brisk walk or jog early morning to get your dose of exercise and sun, too.

29.   Dancing is a fun and exciting form of exercise.

30.   Remember to hydrate as the brain and heart are over 70% water.

31.   Grab a pair of binoculars, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and go bird watching.

32.   Watch the clouds.

33.   Watch cartoons and funny movies.

34.   Mute the TV and try to figure out the dialogues and the scenes.

35.   Give your loved ones as many hugs as you possibly can give.

36.   Say sorry to people that you owe an apology.

37.   Say a little prayer to those who owe you an apology.

38.   Forgive and forget. Period.

39.   Donate things that you no longer need. It lets you help others and eliminate clutter, too.

40.   Throw away damaged possessions that have no meaning or purpose.

41.   Meditate for a few minutes to de-clutter your brain.

42.   Hang a wind chime near the window and listen to it.

43.   Buy a singing bowl and learn how to use it, too.

44.   Figure out what’s your ultimate purpose in life.

45.   Once in awhile, turn off your mobile devices. It’s called digital detox.

46.   Have coffee with someone you care about, and focus on him or her.

47.   Have coffee in the morning by the window.

48.   Get out of your house and office and be surrounded by nature.

49.   Don’t be afraid to try a new haircut or hairstyle.

50.   Hit the local day spa and get a full-body massage.

51.   Get a facial, hair treatment, or a pedicure. Anything that can make you feel like royalty will do.

52.   Bring a friend the next time you step foot inside the day spa.

53.   Splurge on a really nice item that you have always wanted to have.

54.   No budget? No worries! Go window shopping!

55.   Buy your closest friends cheap gifts.

56.   Give someone a surprise party for no reason at all.

57.   Replace your bed sheet and pillowcases with luxurious ones.

58.   Have a warm cup of milk in bed before you try to catch some Z’s.

59.   Write in your journal upon hopping in bed at night.

60.   Spend 7 to 9 hours having high-quality sleep.

61.   Cuddle up with your special someone.

62.   Cuddle up with your dog, if you don’t have a special someone.

63.   Take a warm bath.

64.   Use relaxing a bath gel and light some aromatherapy candles, too.

65.   While taking a warm bath, go ahead, and daydream.

66.   Sip a cup of chamomile or jasmine tea while in the bath.

67.   Learn how to say no. More importantly, mean it.

68.   Try to learn how to speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument.

69.   Try your hands at some arts and crafts.

70.   Signing up for a belly dancing or yoga class is a great idea, too.

71.   Hop out of bed early on a weekend and go marvel at the sunrise.

72.   Watch the sunset. Take photos of it. Post them on social media.

73.   Take a break from checking out your social media feed.

74.   Try taking a different route on your way to work or the supermarket.

75.   Take a leisurely walk at the nearest park and smell the flowers.

76.   Give a homeless person a delicious sandwich or a cup of piping-hot coffee.

77.   Step foot inside the local bookstore and buy a paperback novel.

78.   After finishing that paperback novel, buy another one, and another one.

79.   Buy a bookshelf and slowly fill it with booksPurpose Fairy and us say.

80.   Read about someone who changed the world for the better.

81.   Write down the name of your friends as well as what you love about each of them.

82.   Write down the name of your enemies and try to identify one good thing about each.

83.   Invite your friends to a slumber party. Have a pillow fight, too.

84.   Talk to a complete stranger.

85.   Recall past mistakes and determine the lessons to learn from them.

86.   Think about the good things that are coming your way and identify their purposes.

87.   Identify your flaws and love them because they make you a unique person.

88.   Recognize your best features or traits and be thankful for them as they make you special.

89.   Make someone a promise and keep it.

90.   Face one fear at a time. It will make you feel strong, happy, and invincible.

91.   Give yourself a small reward after successfully facing fear.

92.   Hit the local mall wearing something that you wouldn’t normally wear.

93.   Every now and then, pause and take slow, deep breaths.

94.   Close your eyes and take a whiff of a calming essential oil for a few minutes.

95.   Turn a dream into a reality.

96.   Cherish every moment because it doesn’t last forever.

97.   Cherish all people in your life because they are precious.

98.   Say that you believe in fairies and clap your hands, too.

99.   Purposefairy recommends being patient when you’re in line at the bank or fast food restaurant.

100. Be patient, too, when making a wish.

101. And finally, according to www purposefairy com, you should live the day like it’s your last.

These are a total of 101 ways to be happy, according to Purpose Fairy and us, too. As you can see, there is never a shortage of things to do for you just to find happiness in your life. Many of them are incredibly simple, too.

Which ones of the above suggestions made you happy the most? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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