10 reasons why I shouldn’t care about anything

10 reasons why should I don’t care about anything

There is a famous quote by Lao Tzu:

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”

It is in human nature to desire to be loved and accepted, though this frequently leads people to care too much about what other people think. This extreme care can have a negative impact on life. Live like that; don’t care about anything, and don’t let that keep you from maximizing your potential. It can make people so weak that they interfere with the feeling of freedom around them and other people.

Here are the 10 reasons for the query: why shouldn’t I don’t care about anything?

1.   It’s not their life, so it has nothing to do with them

People have the right to think what they want about you, just as you like to have the right to think what you want about them. What precisely people think about you will not change your identity or your value unless you allow them to change it. It’s your life. In the end, you are the only one who has to approve your own choices.

2.   People can’t identify what works best for you

No one will invest in your life like you. Only you recognize what works well for you, which requires learning from your own choices. The single way to learn is to make your decisions by yourself. Take full charge of them so that if you fail, you will care about it. You can at least study with all your heart, without blaming others.

3.   The right choices of others can be terrible for you

It is essential to realize that a person’s opinion is generally based on their wishes. Only this is the problem. The best thing for others may be the worst thing for you. One person thinks about something as waste, but it can be valuable to another person. We are so unique. Only you know what’s right for you, so don’t care about anything and make decisions yourself.

4.   It will take you away from your dreams

If you care about the ideas of other individuals, you can never reach where you desire to be in life. You will have to do something that does not always meet people’s ideals. You will then come across situations where only you have to get what you want with your self-esteem and reputation. If you frequently worry about what other people think, you will not ever have the determination to do the right thing.

5.   You are the one who got stuck with the end result

In your life, you are the only troubled person who decides the consequences. Let’s say, if someone advises you to buy shares but you feel it is not the right choice, then only you bear the consequences when you care about others. If the stock drops and you lose your money, then you will not have met the inherent requirements. When individuals give you recommendations or even orders, they run no risk. They don’t have to live with your choice. But you can behave like you don’t care about anything.

6.   People’s thinking changes regularly

We are continually evolving. Some theorists and philosophers think that people are in a state of constant change so that they cannot even say that we have a specific “me” (or static personality). People’s opinions, ideas, and feelings change regularly. This means that even if someone mistreats you now, it is likely to be different soon after. Therefore, people’s ideas are not essential, and you should not care about anything.

7.   Life is too short to care about anything

You only have one life, so why do you care about anything based on the opinions of other people? Do what you want and become the person you want to be. You will not see these individuals again after your death. You may not even see them in a year. Live your own life without caring about the ideas and opinions of other people. You will live the most fabulous life full of feelings.

8.   As you sow, so shall you reap

If you care too much about what others think about you, you will become a self-satisfying prophecy. People are often addicted to the need to be loved and cared for. It determines their behavior and feelings. Some individuals become flattering or so submissive that many people are usually turned off. The actions you use to make sure you are loved can make you hated instead of cared about.

9.   Others don’t care about your imagination

People don’t usually spend a lot of time outside of themselves. It is the gloomy but simple fact that ordinary people filter their world by themselves, which means they will think of most things in terms of “I.” It means that unless who you really are or what you do directly impacts another person or even their life, people usually don’t spend their time thinking about you.

10.  The last word: impossible to satisfy everyone

You can’t always please everyone. It is awkward to meet everyone’s outlook. So it is not necessary to make every effort to care about it. Develop a habit that your brain will impulsively think, I don’t care about anything. Just make sure the person you love is yourself.


The substantial burden of other people’s thoughts can become a heavy load. It inhibits your life because your entire life (your character, your opinions, your conduct) is controlled by the idealized standard of what the community around you wants to get. When you are addicted to what others think of you, immediately you forget what you think. You can make a conscious effort to train your mind to think, I don’t care about anything. It is a skill that requires practice, such as meditation. But once you really understand it, you will see the world entirely differently. When you abandon the opinions and ideas that speak to others, you will find your real identity. The feeling of freedom is like the first breath.

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