10 of the Hottest Sex Positions for the Hottest Months of the Year

10 of the Hottest Sex Positions for the Hottest Months of the Year

There are so many sexy things that summer brings — freckles, bikini tan lines, radiant complexion, sun-bleached hair, sweat trickling down the neck. It’s no wonder why all of us are looking forward to it each year.

It’s also during the hottest months of the year when the days are longer and the nights are shorter. What better way to make the most out of quick nights than having some steamy lovemaking before taking a trip to dreamland? But fooling around doesn’t have to happen at nighttime only — you should grab every opportunity to have sex that comes!

Because summer comes only once a year, you should make whoopee in a way that can make you and your partner go “yippee!” in unison. Well, there’s no need to search far and wide just to come across some hot lovemaking positions to try. Below you will come across 10 of these positions that can make the bedroom (or any other spot) sizzle.

Lap of Luxury

Nothing can make you hornier than seeing the sex face of your partner. This is why the lap of luxury will surely leave both of you wanting to please each other more. In this sex position, the couple sits facing one another. The woman places her legs on the shoulders of the man. It’s a good idea for the man to lean back while the woman is propping her legs on his shoulders so that she can move them up gradually without trouble.


This particular position is similar to the lap of luxury in that the woman is also seated on the lap of the man. But instead of placing her legs on his shoulders, she wraps them around his waist. Since both of you are restricted from moving around a lot, you have no other choice but to move slowly and smoothly, too. This is a good thing because the two of you will surely feel every single second of delight that the loving embrace brings.

Topsy Turvy 

If you’re a woman and you want to feel every inch of the penis of your man inside you, then the topsy turvy is one of the positions that you should try during the blistering hot nights of summer. To do this, lie on your back and rest your legs on the shoulders of your partner as he positions himself on top of you. Feel free to cross your legs, too — this will increase friction, thus considerably boosting the pleasure that the two of you feel.

Cross Your Heart

Rather than crossing your legs behind the neck of your partner, in the cross your heart position, you cross them and then press your feet against the chest of your man. The woman may apply an opposing force using her feet for some added tension. In terms of intimacy, the cross your heart position is never short on it — you and your partner’s hands can explore one another’s erogenous zones while making love.


To keep sex as far away from being boring and repetitive as possible, consider experimenting with different insertion speeds and movements. There is one sex position that will allow you and your partner to find that sweet spot each time, and it’s called the scissors. It got its name from the fact that it is done with the legs of the man and the woman opened and interlocked, and their genitals in direct contact with each other.


If you think that spooning is a sleeping position only, better think again. Spooning is one of those lovemaking positions that are easy to do yet allow for a lot of intimacy. This is perfect for a woman who likes to be fondled everywhere until orgasm, and it’s also suited for a man who likes to do a lot with his hands while he’s thrusting. What’s so nice about the spoons is that after a hot lovemaking session, the two of you are ready to sleep in a spooning position.

Kitchen Quickie

It’s in the kitchen where you prepare 5-minute meals. It’s also where you can spend 5 minutes of your time making whoopee! To pull off this position, a woman should be seated on a flat surface — on the table, countertop, or sink. She then wraps her legs around the waist of the man who is standing in front of her. What’s so nice about doing it in the kitchen is that you have easy access to food, many of which you may eat off your partner’s body.

Up Against the Wall

Just like what the name says, this position involves the woman up against the wall as her arms and legs are wrapped around her partner’s neck and waist, respectively. To make every session a unique experience, you and your partner may try the up against the wall against different walls of the house. Just a word of caution: this particular lovemaking position should only be done if the man has good knees and hips to prevent an accident from striking while having sex.

Easy Rider

As a woman, you are in full control each time you are on top of your man. What makes the easy rider different is that you are sitting on him as you are facing the opposite direction. Make sure that the lights are on — this allows both of you to have a great view! Do this as well as other woman-on-top lovemaking positions every now and then to keep you and your partner’s sex life alive and kicking, which is important for the health of the relationship.

Elevated Pleasure

Sadly, we have come to the end of our list of the 10 hottest lovemaking positions for the summer. But we have saved the best of the making love positions for last — the elevated pleasure. This involves the woman lying on her back and with her pelvis elevated, thus allowing the man to have easy access to her vagina. What’s so nice about this is that the two of you are in complete control with regards to the speed and direction of each thrust.

If you want to have a much better idea of how these sizzling lovemaking positions are done correctly, log on the web just before you tell your other half that you want to have some steamy session. For instance, you may visit www.pinterest com to come across illustrations of the 10 lovemaking positions suggested above.

After giving some of them a try, feel free to come back to this site — don’t be too shy to share in the comments section below your experience with them so that the readers may be enticed to give them a try, too!

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