10 Erotic commandments

10 Erotic commandments

Sexual satisfaction is an act that has to be mastered by every couple. The understanding of how to satisfy your partners’ sexual needs and desires is way more than just knowing what your partners need or crave sexually. 

It also requires perfect mastery as well as the application of some sex techniques. These techniques have been called several names over time. In this piece, these techniques will be called the Erotic Commandment.

They are called Commandments because they are tips that must be duly observed in other to achieve a state of sexual bliss and enjoyment. 

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about these Commandments- all 10 of them, what each of these commandments represents, as well as the perfect time to call them to action the next time you are laying a sexy maid.

Before we dive into the heart of this topic, let me remind you that these are erotic commandments, which makes them a very delicate tool, one you cannot afford to use wrongly. 

What Are Erotic Commandments?

Sex is a game guided by many rules. Here we refer to these rules as erotic commandments. A way of putting this is to see to these erotic commandments as the prerequisites and tips that must be followed and binding on having a perfect sexual bliss. They are sacred in erotic regards, and not staying faithful with these commandments would not guarantee an ideal sexual pleasure. 

Erotic commandments moderates or curb sexual sloppiness and insecurities. They take partners to sexual heavens, gives them orgasms of a lifetime and if you have ever heard of cloud 9, that is a special place that awaits all individual who takes their time to practice this commandment

Below are the ten commandments that will improve your sexual life and bring your sexual experience to the realm beyond.


Always Savor the Pleasure of Foreplay

Indulge yourself in the complete act of foreplay right before digging into your partner during sex. Savor the course of the journey before arriving at the destination. Foreplay serves a greater good by preparing the mind and body for sex. Excellent foreplay will set the path for a more pleasurable climax and powerful orgasm

Most sexual partners require a lot of kissing, touching, and cuddling to create the perfect atmosphere for sex. It also heightens lubrication in the vagina, therefore guaranteeing a smooth, pleasurable sexual bliss. So, hone your foreplay skills and put them to good use whenever you have sex

Create A Sexual Environment

There are varieties of ways you could create a sexual environment. The decoration of your room in an appealing manner is about the simplest way to go about this. Spray sweet scents such as lavender, jasmine vanilla. Keep the temperature of the room a little low and tune in the right melody of music

Texting your partner beforehand also creates an enabling sexual environment. Seductive phone calls, flirting, teasing, naughty text, and dirty talks during the day also set your partner in the mood for beautiful sex. When these are properly done, the effect is a burning desire for sex and savoring intercourse in the evening.

Pay Attention to Sensitive Nerves

There are other erogenous body parts in men and women alike. All attention should not be on the penis or vagina during sex.  That is wrong. Take your time to tease your partner by placing a fluttering kiss on their thighs and pelvic area before sucking them gently or squeezing a bit harder. Try this the next time you have sex and watch her call you all sorts of silly names. 

The inner thigh is said to be one of the most erogenous zones in the body. Pay careful attention to this part and add just enough pressure the next time you touch, trace, or kisses it.

Practice the Act of Good Communication

Communication before or during sex is incredibly important. It helps in expressing your desires and setting a common playing field for both partners. Phrases such as “harder,” “faster,” “easier ” help in setting the right pace during sex.

Whispering during lovemaking can be best for the proper connection and desire. Talks about what feels right, your sexual fantasies and dirty talks also add to the eroticism

Practice the Habit of a Good Body Grooming

One of the essential things on this list is a good dress sense. The guy should nice clothes coupled with a sharp haircut or a new hairdo to transforms his appearance.

The lady should put on a clean, sexy, and revealing underwear to add an edge of naughtiness to sexual intercourse. 

Every person finds different things attractive. It is essential to be aware of what your partner finds attractive.

It was surprising when my girlfriend revealed to me that she gets turned on by just seeing me in white shorts. Ever since I consciously wear white shorts to get her kinky.

By this, you should always pay attention to what you wear and how you look.

Use of Sex Toys or Masturbate in Front of Your Partner.

This may sound weird or a little awkward if you are the reserved type, but it is just another thing you have never thought of and merely overlooked, but work wonders. 

The truth is that masturbation is enjoyable and advantageous to sexual bliss. Masturbating in front of your partner relays messages about your wants and how you want it to your partner. It gives them an idea about how you want to be touched, and this goes a long way in turning on both partners.

Expand Your Sexual Horizon

Trying the same routine always hamper your sexual desires. If care is not taken, the vibes or thrills to make love would be gone even if you love your partner deeply.

You need to always spice things up by introducing new ways to explore your partner’s sexual zones. Don’t be afraid to try new styles. It could even be a change of place.

We all need a little inspiration if things in the bedroom have become a routine. You should always learn or invent new ways to drive your partner crazy in bed.

Maintain A Good Health

Your sexual productiveness is aligned with your physical, emotional, and mental health. Your physical state would improve your sexual functioning. Increased libido and ability to last long enough to reach orgasm depends on your stamina.

Do well to maintain a tasty and healthy lifestyle. Exercise more, lose some pounds of weight if that is what takes to achieve the sexual balance you have always craved.

Watch Porn and Romantic Movies with Your Partner

Porn can help foster emotional and sexual intimacy,” says the infamous Colorado psychologist, David.

Watching movies with romantic scenes or even porn together triggers sexual urges and helps in the expansion of original ideas to quench sexual thirst. There exists much porn out there, which is couple friendly. Those are the best recommended for a couple who wishes to heighten their sexual game have a blissful time with their partners.

Initiate Sex the More

Do not always let the whole burden of initiating sex lie on your partner. It takes two to tango, and sexual adventure is a two-way thing.  If you want some, ask for some. Both parties have to take responsibility. Apart from the fact that this heightens the sexual aura around both partners, it also makes it easy to be comfortable around your partner.

There goes everything you need to know about the erotic commandments. It is not enough to know them like the palm of your hands; you must also practice them from time to time. 

On a final note, keep it in mind that sex is an act involving the physical body, the mental consciousness, and the soul. To have an overwhelming, mind-blowing, and raunchy sexual experience, the totality of these factors must be put into consideration.

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